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Clash of the Cypriots

An April 2013 trip to Limassol by CarolinaPanthers1983

Welcome to Cyprus Photo, Limassol, Cyprus More Photos
Quote: A highly diverse world packaged on a tiny, little island.

What Is a Cypriot?

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Welcome to Cyprus Photo, Limassol, Cyprus
Cyprus is a small island country that sits in the Mediterranean surrounded by Greece from the west, Turkey from the north and east, and Egypt from the south. This country has been conquered and occupied by many empires that came and went. Empires such the Greeks, Romans, Egyptian, French, Ottoman Turks, and British have controlled the land. The country gained independence from the British in 1960. Even though the country received independence, the country consist mainly Greeks and Turks who wanted respectively the country to become either part of Greece or Turkey. Turkey- fearing that Greece would seize the country as its own state- decided to invade and occupy 37% of island in 1974. This move b...Read More