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Third Time's A Charm

An August 2013 trip to Kyoto by jenae567

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Quote: One of the places most near and dear to my heart is Kyoto. Because of it's close proximity to me and it's cheap to do, it has quickly become one of my most favorite vacation spots.


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Attraction | "A Hidden Gem in Gion"

Kenninji Photo, Kyoto, Japan
After visiting Kyoto twice before, one would assume I'd have done pretty much everything to do there. Kyoto always proves this assumption to be wrong!While wandering about in Gion, my boyfriend and I stumbled upon a temple that we had never heard mention of before. Kenninji is Japan's oldest standing temple dedicated to Zen Buddhism, and it's hard not to be in complete awe while exploring this property.The temple begins with a simple but beautiful building of wood floors and painted sliding panels. Breathtaking artwork adorns the panels depicting nature scenes and animals. The rooms that are divided by these panels are empty - but it allows the visitor to appreciate the art...Read More

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