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A few nights in Krakow

A travel journal to Krakow by MichaelJM

Quote: Many years ago my parents visited Poland and my Dad was real enthusiastic about Krakow and his visit to The Salt Mine. I wanted to check it out ....

A cheap flight to Krakow

Best Of IgoUgo


It's difficult to be too diverted at Kracow airport as it's a tiny little airport but it has a decent enough sitting area with plenty of comfortable chairs. In the airport lounge there are a couple of shops one selling general souvenirs and then a compact coffee bar. I made the mistake in standing at the wrong side of the counter at the coffee bar. The attendant looked up from "the right side" and in a somewhat irritated manner motioned with a slight inclination of the head and a shrug of her shoulder indicated that I needed to walk to her if I wanted service. She was certainly not going to take the two paces from her "station" to my side of the booth. I weakened and walked round to her to place my or...Read More