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A July 2013 trip to Seward by stvchin

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Quote: My friends and I spend a few days in and around Seward, doing everything from fishing on the docks to ocean kayaking, hiking, visiting a glacier, and an abandoned fort.

Chugach National Forest

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Attraction | "We found Lost Lake!"

Chugach National Forest Photo, Anchorage, Alaska
A few friends told us about hiking the Lost Lake Trail, which is in the Chugach National Forest, just outside of Seward. They say the trail ends at Lost Lake at about 7.2 miles, and continues on the other side of Lost Lake as Primrose Trail. Primrose Trail dumps you off at the edge of Kenai Lake, so unless you have transportation waiting there, you’re in for an extremely long return trip. We opted to just do the Lost Lake trail to the lake and back. Lost Lake itself is supposed to have fish, but we didn’t feel like lugging fishing equipment up the trail.We got lost just trying to find the trailhead. We had to ask for directions at the fire station just a few minutes south of the trail at m...Read More

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Chugach National Forest
3301 C Street
Anchorage, Alaska 99503

Adventure Sixty North

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Attraction | "Kayaking and hiking around Resurrection Bay!"

Adventure Sixty North Photo, Seward, Alaska
My friends wanted to do some kayaking around Alaska. Doing some research, I found a few outfitters out of Seward. Adventure Sixty North has a 8 hour kayak tour of Resurrection Bay with hiking and some lunch at Caines Head. I’ve heard a lot about Caine’s Head, and it piqued my interest, so we chose Adventure Sixty North.The 8 hour kayaking tour to Caine’s Head is $130 plus tax. We booked a few weeks ahead of time and paid in full. The full day trip we booked is all inclusive, we only need to show up. Adventure Sixty North provides the kayaks, paddles, boots, snacks, water, and food. They advised us to wear synthetic fibers, as cotton absorbs water, dress warmly in layers, have extra socks, ...Read More

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Adventure Sixty North
11421 Seward Highway
Seward, Alaska 99664