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DVA Ferala Photo, Pula, Croatia More Photos
Quote: A couple of night's to check out the town

DVA Ferala

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Restaurant | "A little taste of Croatia"

DVA Ferala Photo, Pula, Croatia
Dva Ferala was recommended to, us as a typical Croatian restaurant, by the owner of the apartment in which we were staying it was a 10 minute walk from the apartment and although it had a limited menu there was enough for us to choose from. The mature waitress looking after us for the night was absolutely charming and was more than happy to explain the menu to us in her limited English. I say limited, but she managed to answer all of our questions without too much hesitation.We decided after much deliberation to go for a meat platter for two which included pork, chicken, veal kebabs and a typical Croatian sausage made from pork and veal, a grilled meat pate (not dissimilar to a burger), pl...Read More

Member Rating 4 out of 5 on June 28, 2013

DVA Ferala
Kandlerova 32
Pula 52100

Momento Restaurant

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Momento Restaurant Photo, Pula, Croatia
We chose the Momento Restaurant because here they did a cheese with truffle. We wanted to try truffles because we’ve never tasted them before and Istria, the region in which Pula is based, is famous for them. We’d stopped off at a truffle shop the day before and as the woman in the shop spoke very little English she’s gone to the nearby restaurant to ask one of the waiters to assist. He’d been very helpful and in discussion had said that his restaurant served a Cheese with Truffle and that seemed a good way to experience the taste.The Momento Restaurant is nothing special to look at but checking out other places as we toured the town we didn’t see any others that served the cheese starter ...Read More

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