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A road trip to Pula

A travel journal to Croatia by MichaelJM

Punta-Pula City Apartment Photo, Pula, Croatia More Photos
Quote: As part of our exploration of Croatia we visited the Istrian Penisula

Punta-Pula City Apartment

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Hotel | "Third floor apartment close to Pula Centre"

Punta-Pula City Apartment Photo, Pula, Croatia
We’d arrived on the street where we believed the apartment to be a little earlier than we intended. We drove down the road slowly, ignoring the beeps of other motorists, and couldn’t see anything resembling Zlaticev Trg 3, so we did another circuit. This time we stopped outside a general store and my wife popped in to see if he knew where the apartments were. He didn’t but he rang the telephone number for us and told us to wait in the car outside his shop, because the owner would be with us any moment. True to his word we saw a friendly face approaching the car. It turned out to be Marinela the owner and she jumped in to the back seat and directed us on another circuit of the one way system to find a ...Read More

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Punta-Pula City Apartment
Zlaticev Trg 3,