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Restaurant Sperun Photo, Split, Croatia More Photos
Quote: Diocletian’s Palace is a place of living history

Restaurant Sperun

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Restaurant | "A little off piste."

Restaurant Sperun Photo, Split, Croatia
The Sperun Restaurant is just behind the Franciscan Monastery off the main promenade and one of the significant reasons for choosing it was that it was reasonably close to our apartment. It turned out to be a good choice as the ever attentive waiters were extremely helpful and had a bit of humour. The menu was varied and reasonably priced and we opted to take the last pavement table. There were only half a dozen of these and although I would dream of eating on a public footpath back home in the UK it seems totally natural to be doing so in the warmth of a Croatia evening.We were given a decent time to consider the menu and by the time our two large draught beers were brought to the table w...Read More

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Restaurant Sperun
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