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Quote: Tennessee is a conundrum. It is many things to the people here, but for the vast majority of folks born and raised here, it is just a place called "home."

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Journal Introduction"I never met anybody who retired and moved up North."I'm from Wisconsin and have lived there most of my life. I started coming to East Tennessee just under 8 years ago in 2006 when a friend moved here from Wisconsin. I came down that July to help and after a good nights sleep, my friend took me to a place called "Scenic Overlook," (I don't remember the name). It is on Hwy 25E ("E" does not signify "East." I don't know what it signifies, but it is not "East," and Hwy 25W is not "West."). Anyway, the "Scenic Overlook" overlooked Cherokee Lake and was one of the prettiest sights of my life. I could imagine Daniel Boone cresting the rise and ...Read More

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