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Quote: Zurich, Luzerne, and Engelberg - A trip to the Alps
Beautiful Alps Photo, Switzerland, Europe
I didn't hear music in the Alps, but they were amazing. We were supposed to have a non-stop train ride to Zurich from Venice. So imagine our surprise when the train stopped and we were told to get off...in Lugano. We get off with several other very confused passengers, wait while the situation is explained in Italian, and finally get the story in English. Our original train from Milan broke down, so we were put on a different one, but this one only went to Lugano. So we're told to get on a train that comes in 30 minutes. We got free coke vouchers though. We get on the next train with no problem, and after awhile on the intercom we hear that all passengers for Zurich must get off at the nex...Read More