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A February 2013 trip to Colorado by Kaylee185

Pagosa Springs - San Juan Mtns Photo, Pagosa Springs, Colorado More Photos
Quote: A five day trip to Colorado including Pagosa Springs, Durango, and Mesa Verde.
Spruce Tree House Photo, Mesa Verde, Colorado
I really laid off of my obsessive planning habits for my trip to Colorado. I was ready to just go with the flow, except for one thing. I pretty much insisted we make the two hour trip out to Mesa Verde.We didn't know if we should drive ourselves or take a tour, but it ended up that taking a tour was going to be much easier for us. The prices were reasonable for an all day trip, especially since it was a two hour drive. We were recommended Wilderness Journeys from a friend, and they were fabulous!The tour left early in the morning with one pit stop on the way to Mesa Verde. Our park fee ($10-$15 depending on the time of year) was covered, but the tour guide, John, stopped to ge...Read More

Durango, Colorado


Chimney Rock Photo, Colorado, United States
Downtown Durango is one of those places where you feel like you'd be at home on a Sunday morning just strolling down the sidewalk, enjoying the sun, and not having a care in the world. Do a little shopping, maybe grab a beer (ok, maybe it's Saturday), and just enjoy yourself. To sum it up, I loved Durango.It's a great day trip from Pagosa, and an easy drive that's about an hour long. Plus on the way down 160 you can take in a great view of Chimney Rock and Companion Rock. If you don't want to just grab a picture from the side of the road and want to have a fuller Chimney Rock experience, you can do that too. Highway 151 will take you to the Visitor's Center where you can grab a guided or s...Read More
Pagosa Springs - San Juan Mtns Photo, Pagosa Springs, Colorado
Pagosa Springs is a beautiful, quaint town seated at the base of the San Juan Mountains and just west of the Continental Divide. With stunning views of the Rockies and the San Juan River running through the heart of the town, Pagosa offers the best of Colorado.Outdoors:Let's start with the mountains. Just thirty minutes through the San Juan National Forest is Wolf Creek Pass and Wolf Creek Ski Area. We took a drive up US 160 to the ski area, but didn't do any skiing. The trip was still well worth it. Just before heading up the mountains is Treasure Falls, easily seen from 160. It was a stunning and unexpected view to see it completely frozen. If you're looking for ice climbing ...Read More
While I was in Colorado I made several observations based on experience...and I mean beyond "That's a lot of snow," and "Wow it's a bit chilly." I visited three areas, Pagosa Springs/Wolf Creek, Durango, and Mesa Verde and I feel like my observations led to fairly concrete conclusions. For your knowledge and entertainment, here are those observations and conclusions, which I'm going to attempt to translate into Colorado travel tips.Observation #1 - Everything opens when employees feel like it.I actually read posted hours signs reading "11ish - 6:00." I guess this leaves owners and employees open for a great day of skiing right after a good snow, or maybe if the roads are bad they fig...Read More

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