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Speck's Caribbean Cruise 2012-day 2 Roadtrip

A February 2013 trip to Miami by theSpeck

Quote: Second day of roadtrip and cruise. We spend the night in Miami
Day 2 of driving breaks with a much easier drive, only 6 scheduled hours today. As the check engine light had come on, I arose at 7:30 and using the GPS found the nearest Advance Auto and a very helpful guy named Anthony. He hooked a computer reader up to my car and after running his test said that I had experienced a misfire and had an engine knock. Also my O2 sensor is faulty. None of these has quick easy repair, but none is prohibitive to me continuing the trip to Miami. On my way back I called Caroline and told her to get moving, the car was working well enough and it was time to get on the road. After a "quick" loop through Wal-Mart for some last minute necessities (hair gel, wrinkle-rid, quarter...Read More

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