St. Barthelemy Journals

Daytrip to St Barts

A February 1999 trip to St. Barthelemy by heatherd

Quote: While vacationing in St Maarten, my travel partner & I decided toget a taste for the other islands in the Carribean and took a day trip over to St Barts (a 90 minute, pleasant boat ride- with free cocktails).

Daytrip to St Barts


Upon arrival in Gustavia (the main harbor), we found a cute French cafe for breakfast. The people were very friendly & helpful with suggestions to do for the day. After walking around Gustavia, we rented a car to go over to the other side of the island & relax at St. Jean beach. This beach is exactly what you dream of when going to the Carribean- gorgeous white sand & warm, crystal blue water. One cool aspect is that the beach is right next to the small St Barts airport and on occasion, a small puddle jumper would fly overhead (sounds weird- but its cool, I promise!). The beach was large & sparsely populated, offering plenty of peace & quiet. There are several hotels, shopping & restaurants nearby as ...Read More