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The Hague a great city

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A travel journal to Den Haag/The Hague by Jctravel1983

Quote: The Hague a great city

Corona Hotel, Restaurant, Bar

Hotel | "Golden Tulip Hotel Corona"

Den Haque is the city were the Dutch parliament is seated and the third largest city in the the Netherlands. It’s also the city were the queen lives in her palace. It’s a city full of history and beautifull old buildings troughout the city and just wonderfull to wonder around. We went here after our weekend away in Rotterdam. Den Haque is closely located near Rotterdam and within half an hour driving from the International airport of Schiphol. By train there is a direct connection, also to Amsterdam.We stayed in this hotel which is located in the middle of the city. It’s a beautiful large hotel with quiet a lot of rooms. It’s the kind of hotel I aprreciate and even a bit unpersonal. ...Read More

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Corona Hotel, Restaurant, Bar
Buitenhof 39-42
The Hague, Netherlands
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