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The beautifull city of Cologne

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A travel journal to Cologne by missj1981

Guennewig (Günnewig) Hotel Stadtpalais Photo, Cologne, Germany More Photos
Quote: The beautifull city of Cologne

Guennewig (Günnewig) Hotel Stadtpalais

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Hotel | "Günnewig Hotel Stadtpalais Cologne"

Guennewig (Günnewig) Hotel Stadtpalais Photo, Cologne, Germany
We love to go away for a few nights now and then but sometimes we go away a little big longer and just drive through a country to discover all the little places and even the bigger towns. We have already seen quite a bit from Germany but of course we had to visit the beautiful city of Cologne. Cologne is located more to the south/middle of Germany and is a big city with the famous Dom cathedral that’s really worth a visit. We stayed a little further away from the Cathedral but that meant it was easier to park with our car.We stayed at the Günnewig Hotel Stadtpalais. The Günnewig Hotel Stadtpalais is a four star hotel with over 100 rooms, so it’s not a small hotel. We stayed in the double r...Read More

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Guennewig (Günnewig) Hotel Stadtpalais
Deutz-Kalker-Strasse 52
Cologne 50679
49 (0) 2 21


Attraction | "Going to Phantasialand!"

Phantasialand Photo, Cologne, Germany
PhantasialandThere is an amusement park this year we want to go back to the winter and that is Phantasialand in Bruhl. In January we visited this park because we had seen many ads on the specific Winter Dream Theme. The opening hours for the winter landscape of mid-December until the first week of January and even the weekends in January are from 11.00 am to 20.00 pm. When coming near at the park you can see signs along the highway that tell you how to go to Phantasialand. Arrived at the park there are people who lead you to the parking. It’s all perfectly arranged and for the whole day parking you pay 3 euros. After you parked you walk to the check out. At checkou...Read More

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Berggeiststraße 31-41
Cologne, Germany 50321
+49 2232 36200

Deutsches Sport & Olympia Museum

Attraction | "Deutsches Sport und Olympia Museum"

Deutsches Sport & Olympia Museum Photo, Cologne, Germany
Going to a sport museum isn’t really my idea of fun but it’s something that my husband really wanted to visit, so i decided to go along. A plus point is certainly the location of the museum. The museum is located near the city center of Cologne and only around 10 minutes walking. The museum is located right near the water and walking towards the museum means a nice walk along the river.The museum is dedicated to many forms of sports. It’s focuses mainly on the Olympic sports and also at sport heroes as the famous formula one driver and other. The museum also has a collection about the different kind of clothing and goes into the reason why certain kind of clothes is being used and goes int...Read More

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Deutsches Sport & Olympia Museum
Im Zollhafen 1
Cologne, Germany 50678
0221/33 609-0