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The Reichstag/German Parliament Photo, Berlin, Germany More Photos
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The Reichstag/German Parliament

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The Reichstag/German Parliament Photo, Berlin, Germany
When visiting the city of Berlin a trip wouldn’t be complete without visitng the home of the German Parliament called the Reichstag. The building is one of the most famous landmarks of Germany and is the seat of the governement until it was seized by the Nazi’s. Another must see in Berlin is the Brandenburg gate which is nearby this building.The Reichstag was been built around 1890 and has a rich history. When you visit the building you can walk all the way up to the dome which gives you an outstanding view over the city. When you can during the weekday its much less busy than during the weekend which makes sure you don’t have to wait for around 90 minutes. All the way at the t...Read More

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The Reichstag/German Parliament
Platz Der Republik
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