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Athabasca Falls Photo, Jasper National Park, Alberta More Photos
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Athabasca Falls

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Athabasca Falls Photo, Jasper National Park, Alberta
On the eighth day of our trip to Canada, we crossed the entire Banff National Park and half of the Jasper National Park to reach our destination for Jasper. From here you can easily visit many places because of it’s central location. We went to the Athabasca Falls.The Athabasca Falls are 23 meter high waterfalls of the Athabasca River. For Canadian relations is a waterfall of 23 meters, nothing special, because there are water falls that fall farther into the depths. The special feature of the Athabasca Falls is the tremendous force with which the water plunges down through a narrow gap in another narrow gorge. Over time, the river has dug through a layer of hard quartzite and limestone. A...Read More

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Athabasca Falls
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