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An April 2012 trip to Covadonga by Niiko

Quote: A week in Covadonga, a splendidly serene sanctuary that also acts as a gateway to the beautiful, dramatic Picos de Europa national park in Asturias, northern Spain.

Casa Rural Aspron

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At first glance, Covadonga is an assuming, low-key place - but its size is at odds with its significance to modern Spain. The 711 Battle of Covadonga represented the first Christian victory over the Moors, and paved the way for the Reconquista that would take place over the following centuries. The victorious King Pelayo credited the Virgin Mary for the triumph, and a shrine was erected that is today one of the country's most visited religious monuments.Much of Covadonga's tourist industry centres on the shrine - and the imposing cathedral that stands proudly above the valley - but there is also some quite wonderful walking and hiking in the mountains. Casa Aspron, which sits just off the ...Read More

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Casa Rural Aspron
Covadonga s/n
Covadonga, Asturias 33589

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