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Italy part two

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A travel journal to Italy by missj1981

Restaurant El Erni Photo, Kassel, Germany More Photos
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Best Western Grand City Hotel Kassel Photo, Kassel, Germany
We stayed in Kassel for a few days just to visit some friends and to explore the city a bit. We wanted to stay in the city centre since we didn’t want to drive every time into town and it’s always easier when you want to have a drink when going for dinner. Unfortunately there weren’t any hotels available in the city centre. We found this hotel just outside the city centre.Our room was the executive room and even had an entrance hall after which you entered the main room. What I loved is that we had a dinning niche with a wooden table and chairs. The room also contained a sofa, chair and ottoman, coffee table, large television on a rolling stand and a dresser. In the dining area you also ha...Read More

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Best Western Grand City Hotel Kassel
Heiligenroeder Str. 61
Kassel, Germany
0561 52050

Restaurant El Erni

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Restaurant El Erni Photo, Kassel, Germany
This restaurant has been in Kassel for almost 15 years now and when I did some research this restaurant came up straight away. It was surely on the internet radar and I wasn’t the only one who had discovered this restaurant. It was amazingly crowded the first night when we arrived at this restaurant. I think it must be one of those restaurants that’s a local favourite because you could tell that the crowded existing primarily out of locals. The outside of the restaurant is a bit boring with a black exterior and with simply the word restaurant; it didn’t really stand out for us. The building of the restaurant itself was apparently a former bus station and the brick walls with the exposed pi...Read More

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Restaurant El Erni
Parkstr. 42
Kassel, Hesse 34119
+49 561 710018

Schloss Wilhelmshohe Photo, Kassel, Germany
Going to Kassel in Germany we went here mainly to visit some friends and for a bit of shopping but we always make sure that we do some cultural activities. We decided to go to the large museum of Schloss Wilhelmshöhe which is quiet famous. We went here with some friends that actually live in the city and they had been here before.Schloss Wilhelmshöhe is located outside the city centre but it’s easy accessible with public transport. I think a few times an hour a bus is going that direction from the city centre and from the main train station. Since we were here with friends and live in the Kassel we went with car to the museum. The museum is easy to reach and there is parking onsite. Suffic...Read More

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Schloss Wilhelmshohe
Wilhelmshoher Allee 361
Kassel, Germany

Mercure Hotel Kassel

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Mercure Hotel Kassel Photo, Kassel, Germany
The Hotel is located in the Spohrstraße 4 in Kassel, in the middle of downtown. This is the case to be taken literally, because it lies directly in the Elector gallery, a small shopping center in downtown, at the back is another very large shopping center and the marketplace.Within 2 minutes walk you will find public transportation in all directions.If you travel by car you can use the parking garage under the shopping center and use the separate elevator directly into the hotel lobby. The parking fee per day 15 euro, as usual, unfortunately, in almost all large centrally located hotels.The lobby is quite large and noble, but it makes a neat impression. The main entrance ...Read More

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Mercure Hotel Kassel
Kurfuersten Galerie Spohrstrasse 4
Kassel, Hessen 34117
0561 72850

Cimabue Hotel Photo, Florence, Italy
Everybody always said that we had to visit the area of Tuscane in Italy due to the beautiful landscape and surroudings. While we were travilling trough his beautifull country we decided to go to this area we stayed at a old town called Firenze in the area of Tuscane. The hotel we stayed in is called Cimabue.The hotel is located right acress the thirteenth century old building that was once the hospital of Bonifazio Lupi. The hotel only has sixteen rooms and the interior match the beauty of the old town. Inside the rooms you will find antics, ceiling frescos and beautifull old balconies. We were truely impressed the first moment we saw the hotel and when we walked in. The atmosphere is so a...Read More

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Cimabue Hotel
Florence, Italy 50129