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Dortmund Zoo Photo, Dortmund, Germany More Photos
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Dortmund Zoo

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Attraction | "The zoo in Dortmund"

Dortmund Zoo Photo, Dortmund, Germany
Since we arrived pretty early, right on opening time there was plenty of parking spaces. The amount of parking spaces seems sufficient but you can be a bit far from the entrance. Luckily we were near and there was no queue! At the very beginning of the zoo is a reptile house, which is divided over 2 floors. In this area you have a tropical climate with high humidity and it is beautiful when you go in. You see many lizards, chameleons, iguanas and even piranhas. It feels spacious but because of the high humidity I didn’t had to stay there for long and after 20 minutes I was standing outside. There are very many and too many different animals to be found. From the penguin to the ...Read More

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Dortmund Zoo
Mergelteichstrasse 80
Dortmund, North Rhine-Westphalia 44225
49 (0) 231 50-28