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A Few Days in Bergen

An April 2012 trip to Bergen by Wasatch

Quote: Bergen is the standard starting and ending point for the Norwegian Fjord cruise aboard the Hurtigruten (the Norwegian coastal ferry). We spent some time in Bergen both before and after our cruise. Bergen, Norway's second largest city (pop. 250,000) has an international airport.

Bergen, Norway

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Norway is small country of about 5,000,000 people. There are no big cities. Olso, the biggest has about 500,000 people. Bergen, with 250,000 is the second largest. Bergen is on the west coast--- well, properly, Bergen is located well inland on a fjord on the west coast-- and is the southern end of the Hurtigruten route. We took the Bergen to Bergen round trip, so we were in Bergen for our first two days and for much of the last day of our trip. We had very different impressions of Bergen on those two visits. We found Bergen a bit of let down on the first two days compared to other places we have been in Europe. All it all, it seemed a rather nondescript place, about as boring to see a...Read More

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Clarion Collection Havnekontoret

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Hotel | "Good price, good hotel, good location"

At first glance, this hotel is expensive, although not the most expensive in Bergen, but initial prices are misleading. Compare the Trip Advisor ratings for the somewhat lower rated Hotel Augustin, 1150 kr vs the Clarion for 1450 kr The Austin's rate included a breakfast buffet, as did the Clarion Collection Hotel HAVNEKONTORET. The Clarion Collection Hotel HAVNEKONTORET rate also includes an afternoon crepe snack at 4:00pm. It is easy to eat a big enough breakfast at a buffet breakfast to get you through to 4:00pm, skipping lunch. The Clarion Collection Hotel HAVNEKONTORET rate also included a buffet dinner. Looking at a lot of menus in Bergen (like all European nations, Norwa...Read More

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Clarion Collection Havnekontoret
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