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Caffe Pergolesi Photo, Santa Cruz, California More Photos
Quote: From El Centro to Trukee and so many places in between.

Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area

Attraction | "Sand Dunes in California"

Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area Photo, El Centro, California
Have you ever wanted to walk onto real sand dunes without leaving the continental US? It is pretty cool, and very much free entertainment. Of course if you are going to use and OHV there may be rental costs.

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Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area
Gecko Road
Niland, California

Salvation Mountian

Attraction | "Attraction from "Into the Wild""

Salvation Mountian Photo, Imperial Beach, California
Off the beaten path, through a very small town called Niland, lives Salvation Mountain. Flanked to the North by RV living, this hay-barrel constructed mountain has been featured in the film (and book) Into The Wild, the true story of a man in search of himself through travel. This building was definitely a site to see. The room beside the mound houses a dinning room table and a variety of windows, amongst a cathedral like dome, all painted with acrylics and decorated in religious scripture and various phrases.

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Salvation Mountian
East of Salton Sea
Niland, Imperial County, California

Caffe Pergolesi

Restaurant | "Coffee with a "European Bistro" feel"

Caffe Pergolesi Photo, Santa Cruz, California
Caffe Pergolesi is one of my favorite coffee shops in Santa Cruz. This Victorian style house turned coffee shop has a personable feel to it. Get your coffee in a "for here" cup, settle yourself down at a booth, table, or couch and enjoy the free wifi. Don't forget to try one of their delicious cookies (available in vegan!)

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Caffe Pergolesi
418 Cedar Street
Santa Cruz, California 95060-4305
(831) 425-7330