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Cologne part 4

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A travel journal to Cologne by missj1981

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Crystal Club


Crystal Club Photo, Cologne, Germany
The Crystal is located in the middle of Cologne's nightlife district, and indeed on Hohenzollernring. From the city you can relatively quickly get there but from the main railway station, it's best. Take the tram 5 from Central Station and it is the second stop. Until now I always went by tram, although in summer it is certainly very pleasant to walk through Cologne.The location is really very sophisticated. The crystal consists of two floors however the upper area was closed regular guests. In any case, I know that the top floor consists of a long bar and lots of seating and furniture are white. The dance floor seems to be relatively large.Now we come to the first floor, it co...Read More

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Crystal Club
Hohenzollernring 79
Cologne, Germany

Cafe Extrablatt

Restaurant | "Extrablatt"

Cafe Extrablatt Photo, Cologne, Germany
Das Extrablatt is located in the beautiful old town of Cologne. Where all the other cafes, restaurants and bars are. You get here very quickly from the main station there. ' I find the old town really beautiful, it's always fun to experience the tranquility of the evening in Cologne. The walk from Central Station takes only about 5 minutes.The atmosphere of the restaurant is very pleasant. There are three floors. In the basement, the bathroom, which is very clean and tidy. The ground floor is the bar and there are really many seats. Moreover in fine weather the tables and chairs go outside and you can smell the pleasant night air. The top floor is my favorite floor as a gallery. There are ...Read More

Member Rating 4 out of 5 on June 27, 2012

Cafe Extrablatt
Alter Markt 28
Cologne, Germany 50667