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The Sooke Potholes.

An August 1999 trip to Vancouver Island by janson25

Half built mansion. Photo, Vancouver Island, British Columbia More Photos
Quote: Sooke is a little town on Vancouver Island, BC. The town is like everyone else except they have a beautiful park called Sooke Potholes. I hope that you enjoy the article and pictures..

The Sooke Potholes.

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Half built mansion. Photo, Vancouver Island, British Columbia
Sooke is located about 30 miles out of Victoria. Here you will want to go to Sooke Potholes. This is a awesome government owned and kept park. It has an array of nautural elements that make it beautiful. They have a river with large stones all over it, now you may say that isn't interesting but once you see it you will be amazed. Then at the top is a half built mansion that is huge and very cool. You can get some awesome shots from up there. Then you can travel down to the water, and get some close up shots. I had an amazing time and never thought I would. For all you nature lovers (and everyone else), enjoy.Quick Tips: Comfortable walking shoes, water and your camera & video. Best Way To...Read More