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Vigeland Park

An August 1999 trip to Oslo by janson25

Statue of boys running. Photo, Oslo, Norway More Photos
Quote: Vigeland Park is a magnicient park that is adorned by beautiful flowers, statues and walkways. This park has statues that were created by Gustav Vigeland. They are bronze statues of people that each have a story. I hope you enjoy the article and pictures ..

Vigeland Park

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Statue of boys running. Photo, Oslo, Norway
Once you walk through the front gates, one can feel the hard work and the perserverance that went into making this park. It is beautifully kept, and the flowers are amazing while the statues are alluring. There are about 20 stautes that are very different from the others. At the end of the park are the big statues and wonderful water founatins. Make sure that you visit each statue and gaze at it and think about what he was trying to convey. My highlight was to see the most famous statue, Cinnetaugen, which means angry boy. This is a statue of a little toddler that is about to stomp his foot. This is very popular and everyone takes a picture with it. My recommendation would be to really spend time and ...Read More