Panama City Beach Journals

Spring Break 2012

An April 2012 trip to Panama City Beach by ToothTraveler

Quote: A ten day adventure with the family to the beach. We will take 2 days driving down and 2 days coming back and in between, we will enjoy all that the area has to offer.
Well, the time to Spring Break vacation is down to one day. I recall when it was 6 weeks off and how far that seemed to be and that it would never get here - at least not at the pace I wanted it to. I'm glad that today is busy at work and I can count down the hours until the day is over. My wife feels the same way and unfortunately she has to work until 1:30 today; after which she will go home and pack. Packing for me will be tonight. Having been away so many times and over packing, I just want to remember to back less than what I usually do. I never wear all the clothes and I'd rather take stuff that I really need and not everything that I own. I have checked the weather forecast for n...Read More

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