Vernal Journals

5 Day Yampa River White Water Adventure

A travel journal to Vernal by revloc

Yampa River Photo, Vernal, Utah More Photos
Quote: This is a day by day description of a white water rafting trip I took with my sister in 2009.
Yampa River Photo, Vernal, Utah
(June 6) The morning of our first day on the river I got up early to grab a good breakfast, but Laura told me the night before not to knock on her door because she preferred to sleep. I got to the restaurant "Betty’s" but the cook hadn’t arrived yet. I talked trucks with one of the locals (We own the same truck model). The cook eventually showed, I got breakfast and barely got back to the hotel in time. We drove over to Hatch, loaded our stuff on a bus and started our 2 plus hour drive to the raft put-in at Deerlodge Park in Colorado.There were 5 rafts, a dory, and a gear raft for our group of 25. I asked my sister to choose which raft she wanted to ride on. She chose Mariah’s raft because...Read More

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