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Panama 2011

A December 2011 trip to Panama by Constantine Hallax

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Quote: Trip to Panama city, and Boquete

The Rock

Restaurant | "The Rock will rock your palette"

Photo of The Rock
Our favorite restaurant in Boquete by far. The presentation of the food was breathtaking, the taste exquisite, and ambiance magical. This standalone restaurant is located in front of a creek with an amazing view. Their menu has a wide variety that accommodated my 7 year old, 84 year old dad and my foodie wife. The corvina and their soups brought us the next day for another round. The next day it was not raining and we had to chance to sit out and sip some wine while enjoying the mountain view. Price was relatively reasonable (main dishes ranged about $15-$20).

Member Rating 5 out of 5 on January 7, 2012

The Rock
11th of April Street
Boquete, Panama
+(507) 720-2516