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An April 2000 trip to Guam by Kikapa

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Dive, check out snakes

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Do not dive as a tour!

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We landed in Guam, and rented a car from National ($44 US). I was pretty disappointed with this company. The car we got was a "typhoon" car. That means dents, scratches and pretty beaten up. I was not happy paying full price for this vehicle. There is a company called Cars Unlimited; they have the same "typhoon" cars for $25 US a day. We decided to start diving as soon as we arrived in Guam, so we drove to a dive shop called MDA (Micronesian Divers Association). The place is very big. We rented our gear ($15 BCD, TANK, WT BELT and REGS) and booked a charter for the next day. We could not get a dive charter that day with MDA. By chance, someone mentioned to us a new dive shop called Pro Divers. T...Read More