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Quote: A selection of hotels in the Scottish lowlands within easy travelling distance of Edinburgh and Glasgow.

New Lanark Mill Hotel

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New Lanark Mill Hotel Photo,
aNEW LANARK MILL HOTEL----------------------------------------I spend a lot of time driving up and down the length of the country between Essex and Scotland. This often necessitates an overnight stay which we try to choose with care. The need for a good night’s sleep is paramount as we often have to drive for many hours the following day. We also have the company of our dog that travels with us, so pet friendly is vital. This excludes the Premier Inn chain and many others who are not able to accept dogs at all.For many occasions we choose the Days Inn or Holiday Inn/Express groups as they offer reasonable accommodation for good prices, and have convenient locations along ...Read More

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New Lanark Mill Hotel
New Lanark Mill
Lanark, Scotland
01555 667 200