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An April 2011 trip to Marrakech by koshkha

Jardin Majorelle Photo, Marrakech, Morocco More Photos
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Jardin Majorelle

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Jardin Majorelle Photo, Marrakech, Morocco
I have been to Marrakech several times and have seen the Majorelle Gardens twice – the first time in October during Ramadan a few years ago, and most recently in March this year when we took a holiday in Morocco with my sister and her partner. Marrakech is a great city but it's not overly endowed with world-class attractions and is more a place for just drifting around and experiencing being there. If you go more than once, it's almost inevitable that you'll be tempted back to see the same places when you return – especially if they are as fabulous as the Majorelle Gardens which change with the seasons and are well worth visiting at different times of year.I'd firmly rate the gardens as th...Read More

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Jardin Majorelle
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Marrakesh, Morocco
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