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A travel journal to Rovaniemi by William Muhu

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2 Hour drive. We whent on kuusamontie first. the other thing we did was go to some aqarium shops (We did not buy anything!). We started looking for a hotel. We went to City Hotel. my room was on the third floor (By a dead end!). The bathroom was small. The room was diffrent from the rooms with the black colored doors. The first floor had a restorant where i went to for dinner and breakfeast. The next day we got up had breakfeast and left the hotel. then i went to a supermarket (bigger) to get some books and then again to a aqarium shop to get some fish. the next and last place was McDonalds. Again a 2 hour drive back.

City Hotel Rovaniemi

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The hotel was nice. it had a sauna,meeting room,restorant and hundreds on rooms. it had 4 floors. you have a choice. do you want to be close to the restorant, the first floor, views on the third floor or both on the second floor.

Member Rating 5 out of 5 on August 20, 2011

City Hotel Rovaniemi
Rovaniemi, Finland 96200

Some tips


Rovaniemi is about 180 kilometers from posio,finland. If you go on VR trains, you can get to helsinki with a night AND almost every train has a small restorant like car. you can jump over the arctic circle in rovaniemi. In the supermarket Rinne there is a underground and overground car park AND on the five floor there is facilitys.

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William Muhu
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