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Quote: Continuing with a first trip to Europe, I cover getting there (and back), the art of flying, transportation in Europe, and how to have a great trip. Also, taking the scary out of your trip.

First Trip To Europe II - All Aboard!

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A wise man once said, "The secret to enjoy commercial flying is to not fly." He might be right; I have had good flights and the exact opposite which I will get into in a later tip. For right now, plan for the things that can go wrong. Consider this all-to-possible scenario. Your flight is delayed, meaning that you'll probably miss your train connection in a station where everything is probably written in German, then, your luggage isn't on the carousel and you're sitting there waiting for it and you have to pee, and on top of that you're getting a headache and your aspirin is with your luggage which is someplace else, and you only have euro currency and they don't give change to get into th...Read More
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Sanity Preservation just means eliminating possible future problems so that when an issue arises, you're only looking for one solution, not several at one time. When one is away from home small problems can be exacerbated, become big problems and ruin a vacation. The best answer is, as far as possible, to protect against them.Problem: too few public bathrooms when you need one. Solution: use bathrooms when when they are available. Europeans don't like paying to use the toilet any more than we do so they use free toilets wherever the can. In the case of our story, it is a good idea use the lavatory on the plane about an hour before landing (most people don't, trust me). When tr...Read More
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I love IgoUgo! It is the one travel site that does not restrict subjects that are common as long as the writing is reasonable and not terribly insulting to others. Those of us who write frequently are grateful. I know that I am. I also know that my subject is at least somewhat controversial and if the editors choose not to publish this piece, I will understand. I won't be happy, but I will understand.I'm going to deviate for a bit anyway. I was just glancing through an article about travel that had a number of multiple choice questions that are part of a poll that the newspaper is conducting. As I went through the questions and answer choices, I was having a really difficult time fi...Read More
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Let's forget about the problems and suppose that the luggage did arrive OK and all of the other issues are settled. This would be my idea of an itinerary for someone's first trip to Europe lasting for 10 nights. It is slightly ambitious, but not difficult. It includes three of the "best" cities in Europe for first introductions to European culture, and with some creative planning is not only doable, cost effective, and not physically challenging either. This itinerary also introduces you to one of the most important parts of European culture - bicycles.I would land at Schiphol International Airport in Amsterdam. I chose Amsterdam because it is a perfect city for your first trip...Read More
More assumptions or the fine print. I am assuming that your airfare will cost no more than $800.00 RT to Amsterdam; that you are traveling in early spring or fall; that your hostel cost will be no more than $30.00 per night; that your rail plans are made 10 weeks in advance, that you will use public transportation, and you will be frugal with food and drink. With those assumptions in mind and prices that I found on line today (8-18-11), this is the breakdown of the major costs: Airfare: $800.00 Lodging: $350.00 Rail costs: $155.00 Amsterdam to Berlin; Berlin to Dresden; Dresden to Munich; Munich to Amsterdam Total...Read More
Eight bed dorm room Photo, Munich, Germany
Munich is special, at least it is for me. I was stationed in Nürnberg, Germany during the early 60's and I spent many weekends in Munich. When I couldn't get an overnight pass, the city was still only a bit over an hour away by train, so I could go for just the day. I had a number of friends that were German university students and we loved going to the Bavarian capital. I was introduced to the Hofbräuhaus on my first visit to the city and although it was a really fun place, through my German friends I grew to like the Löwenbrau Keller and most of the Augustiner Brauhaus's (over 30 and they're all good!) a little better. Personally, I like the Augustiner Keller and the Hirschgarten, but th...Read More