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Fruit For Sale Photo, Phan Thiet, Vietnam More Photos
Quote: This is our first time to Vietnam and we thoroughly enjoyed it .The area is a bit more unspoiled than Thailand with beaches just as beautiful.The people are welcoming and seem genuinely enjoy the tourists.

Peaceful Family Restaurant

Restaurant | "Huge Hot Pots- and Live Snakes Too"

Peaceful Family Restaurant Photo, Mui Ne, Vietnam
Here we ordered two Hot Pots.Thankfully we noticed how huge they were and changed our order to one. Good thing it was a massive amount of food. First dry noodles arrive .Pat started munching on them right away .Luckily our waiter/owner intervened and explained they were meant to be eaten with the Hot Pot mixture. This spot seemed to be popular with locals as well.A bit of excitement arose when a waiter showed up with a live snake and killed it before our eyes....thankfully it was someone elses dinner and not meant to be part of our Hot Pot at least I don't think it was in there.Dinner and drinks $18.00. Address: Mui Ne VillageComparison: less expensive than av...Read More

Member Rating 4 out of 5 on August 7, 2011

Peaceful Family Restaurant
53 D Nguyen Dinh Chieu
Mui Ne, Vietnam
(062) 741 019

Sunny Beach Resort

Hotel | "A Piece of Paradise on a Budget"

Sunny Beach Resort Photo, Phan Thiet, Vietnam
We arrive here by tourist bus from Saigon . The bus stops right in front of our hotel...making it all so easy for us.Our reception is friendly and efficient and in no time we're shown to our room.We opted for the Superier Room which is really just the Standard I think. We like our room It is a pretty room with a small balcony and lots of wood everywhere. Its spacious with a King Size bed ,AC ,bar fridge and garden view. No complaints at all.The breakfast is wonderful with loads of tropical fruit ,many that I can't name. Eggs are made to order ,and there's yogurt, breads rolls and more. The restaurant is open for all meals. We stayed once for lunch which was really good ...Read More

Member Rating 5 out of 5 on August 7, 2011

Sunny Beach Resort
64-66 Nguyen Dinh Chieu
Phan Thiet, Vietnam

Fruit For Sale Photo, Phan Thiet, Vietnam
We booked our bus to Mui Ne before leaving home with Hotels-IN They also arranged our bus to Cambodia and our Visa on Arrival in Vietnam.)As promised our tickets were waiting at our hotel in Saigon when we arrived.We walked from our hotel in District 1 to the bus stop. All the tourist offices are located an this street along with bus stops for various companies.We used Phuong Trang bus company.The bus was comfortable with A/C .The only negative was a blaring video of local shows that played most of the way.The trip took 5.5hours including 2 stops. The second stop was for 45 minutes for lunch.The lunch was huge and delicious and not being used to the cu...Read More
A Perfect Scene in Vietnam Photo, Mui Ne, Vietnam
Even though we could have contented ourselves with staying between the beach and the pool ,we decided to set off exploring the area. . We booked a morning trip with ASC Travel ,one of the many local companies for $25.00 . Our first stop was the Fishing Village. I’ve seen many fishing villages but I wasn’t prepared for the wonderous sight of the Blue Boats from the hilltop. As soon as we stepped out of our jeep, we were greeted by a little local girl selling pearls. She spoke perfect English and I was impressed with her keen sales ability. She wore a little Canada flag pin given to her by a passing tourist.So endearing was she, I think of her often . I feel certain she will do OK. At least...Read More

Discovering the White and Red Sand Dunes

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Unroute to the Sand Dunes Photo, Mui Ne, Vietnam
As we drive along the coast the scenery gradually changes .It becomes very arrid with scrubby shrubs and soon we come upon massive diamond crusted white sand dunes.It reminds of scenes from the Egyptian desert! We climbed only a short way as the sun was beating down and the going got tough.Braver (younger) visitors explored the big dunes with buggies and some even slid down on plastic boards.At the base of the White Sand dunes there is a Lake we are told is Lotus Lake.Actually we found out later, its really a combination of three lakes and some small ponds.The name refers to the mass of lotus plant that grow in the shallower parts. I'm sure they are a sight to see when ...Read More

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