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A May 2008 trip to Boston by VanessaK

USS Constitution Photo, Boston, Massachusetts More Photos
Quote: On our way back from Maine, we decided to spend a few hours in Boston. I didn't want to just drive through such a great city. We decided on a walking tour of some great old buildings.

USS Constitution

Attraction | "A piece of seafaring history in Boston"

USS Constitution Photo, Boston, Massachusetts
By the time we had finished touring the USS Cassin Young, the line to the USS Constitution had diminished. We were in line probably 20 minutes before we were able to board. You are able to look around yourself or you can opt to go with a guided tour. There are uniformed men and women available for tours or to answer your questions. Admission for either choice is free and can be viewed Tuesday through Sunday and most major holidays. We chose to look around ourselves since we had a plane to catch but I have loved to hear its history as you tour this gorgeous ship. I found the ship lovely in this dark, polished wood and white sails. It is a beauty and well as a masterpiece.The USS Constitu...Read More

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USS Constitution
Pier 1 Charlestown Navy Yard
Boston, Massachusetts 2129
(617) 242-5642

Charlestown Navy Yard

Attraction | "USS Cassin Young"

Charlestown Navy Yard Photo, Boston, Massachusetts
As we drove around trying to find the USS Constitution we parked about 2 blocks away from these ships. I would have never guessed that there were two boats next to each other. One of course is the famous USS Constitution and the other the USS Cassin Young, both are a part of the Boston National Historical Park. We began with the Cassin Young due to the long line at the Constitution. The USS Cassin Young was built and commissioned in 1943. She was a destroyer sent to the Central Pacific Ocean to attack Japanese strongholds in the Caroline Islands. After that, the Cassin Young was sent to fight in WWII in the areas of Iwo Jima, Okinawa, and during the Korean Conflict. By the 1960s she was ol...Read More

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Charlestown Navy Yard

Charlestown, Massachusetts

Old North Church

Best Of IgoUgo

Attraction | "One if by land, two if by sea."

Old North Church Photo, Boston, Massachusetts
I have heard the story of Paul Revere and the Old North Church in Boston, MA since I was a small child. I knew the story of how Paul Revere was given two lanterns high in the church steeple as a message that the English was coming by sea instead of the thought land attack. This night in 1775 began the American Revolution. The church came to life again in the movie National Treasure with Nicholas Cage. So when we stopped to see a few sights in Boston on our way to the airport, I told my husband I wanted to see this church. We asked a woman in military dress how far the church was and if we could walk or should we drive. "It’s not too far, just a short walk probably under a mile". So off we started t...Read More

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Old North Church
193 Salem St
Boston, Massachusetts 02113
+1 617 523-6676