St. Paul Journals

48 Hours in the Twin Cities - St. Paul

An October 2001 trip to St. Paul by Binky

Quote: I spent a weekend seeing as much as possible in the Twin Cities while trying to relax and enjoy myself.

48 Hours in the Twin Cities - St. Paul


The St. Paul Cathedral was a pleasant surprise and not on my itinerary. It's absolutely beautiful and is worth a few minutes to stop by and look.

Quick Tips:

Find out when things close before you go! We kept getting to places 5 minutes before they closed. Other then that, just try to enjoy the pleasant people and scenery of Minnesota!

Best Way To Get Around:

A car is necessary if you want to see a lot of the twin cities. Things to see are quite spread out. I hear the bus system is quite good, but service is infrequent on the weekends.
Hey, this is a basic cheapo hotel room. It was clean. The towels were scratchy. Room temperature was fine. Neighborhood was a little dicey, but really not that bad. Nothing was stolen from my room. No mints on the pillow or complimentary champagne. I chose it because it was close to my friends dorm room. I had two good nights of sleep.

Member Rating 3 out of 5 on October 24, 2001

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