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The Town by the Sea

An April 2011 trip to Essaouira by koshkha

Essaoura Fishing Boats Photo, Essaouira, Morocco More Photos
Quote: We broke our time in Marrakech by heading off to the coast for a night in Essaouira

Hotel Les Matins Bleus

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Hotel | "Blue Mornings "

Hotel Les Matins Bleus Photo, Essaouira, Morocco
If we'd printed the map before we left, I think we could have found Les Matins Bleus (the Blue Mornings for those who've forgotten all their school French). To be honest, if we'd had a pen to copy the directions off the website, we'd probably have been OK. But sadly we'd done neither and as a result we found ourselves arriving in the coastal Moroccan town of Essaouira without too much of a clue where we were going. It was mid-evening by the time our bus arrived and we could have just wandered around all night and eventually found it but in the end, sometimes it's just worth giving in and letting someone lead you there. Though not worth the MASSIVE tip Tony ended up giving the boy who led us at break-n...Read More

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Hotel Les Matins Bleus
22 rue Draa
Essaouira, Morocco 44100

Marrakech to Essaouira - and back again

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The Koutouba Minaret in Marrakech Photo, Essaouira, Morocco
One of my favourite places in Morocco is the lovely little coastal town of Essaouira. It's got a laid back hippy vibe that has long endeared it to visitors. They say Bob Marley loved it and there are lots of tall tales about famous people having a wild time there but mostly it's just a very relaxed and lovely place to be, especially after the slightly oppressive centre of Marrakech. Perhaps I should have booked longer - I think the rest of the group would have preferred it - but my planning said we'd leave early on the second day and return late on the third. It didn't go quite to plan. Our Riad in Marrakech kindly offered to send someone to get bus tickets for us but that didn't work out ...Read More