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A May 2011 trip to Davao by marseilles

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Quote: 3-day 2-night business trip to Davao.

Hannie's Inn

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Hotel | "Location - its boon and its bane"

Hannie's Inn Photo, Davao, Philippines
Metropolitan Davao is one of the largest cities in the world by land area. Ulas is a district of Davao City that is at least half an hour--probably more--from downtown Davao City. Hannie's Inn is the only hotel accredited by the Department of Tourism in Ulas, and this is why its location is its boon. A lot of Davao's tourist attractions are near Ulas, and staying here gives you easier access to those areas, compared to the downtown. If you're in Davao for the Philippine Eagle Center, the wakeboarding water center or Eden Nature Park, you'll be much closer to those locations if you stay here, than if you stayed in the city center.However, Hannie's Inn's location is also its ...Read More

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Hannie's Inn
Macarthur Highway
Ulas, Davao City, Philippines
6382 2973315