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Getaway to Deerfield, MA

A May 2011 trip to Deerfield by zabelle

Deerfield Inn Photo, Deerfield, Massachusetts More Photos
Quote: A girls getaway in this historic village.

Deerfield Inn

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Hotel | "Modern Amenities in a historic location"

Deerfield Inn Photo, Deerfield, Massachusetts
I was looking for a great price on a great getaway for my friend Cindy and me. It took a little looking but I hit pay dirt. Three nights at the Deerfield Inn with lots of additional goodies including a $50 gift certificate for dinner all for $421 inclusive, it was hard to resist. So off we went on a rainy May afternoon heading north. The inn called my home to find out when we would be arriving because they wanted to know what we wanted, two queen beds or just one king. We opted for the two queens and it was a good choice. We had a very large room in the carriage barn. There were 5 windows in the room making it very light. It was almost a suite with a couch and coffee table on one wall. ...Read More

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Deerfield Inn
81 Old Main St
Deerfield 01342

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