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University city of Tartu

A travel journal to Tartu by barcodex

Quote: Brief overview of second largest city in Estonia, which is also a biggest university center of the country.

University city of Tartu


Tartu does not have so big and well-preserved Old Town as Tallinn does, but it is still a little bit older. Found by Russian tsar in XI century on the place of ancient Estonian settlement, it was named "Yuriev", under the Christian name for the tsar. Later it was also known as Derpt and Tartu, and was always famous because of the university, found by Swedish king Gustav Adolf (who had also found a first ever public school in Estonia, this time in Tallinn). City is divided onto two parts by Suur-Emajogi, one of the biggest rivers in Estonia. University building is one of the biggest attractions of the city, which is really very academic indeed.

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