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Santo Domingo: Hostal Dominico Mundial

A travel journal to Santo Domingo by David Banner

Hostal Dominico Mundial Photo, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic More Photos
Quote: I stayed 13 countries in the last year. This hotel is dirty over priced and one employee stole money from me. It is not recommended. It is at the end of Duarte calle, directly in front of Parque Duarte . Now the police must be involved to recover the money.

Hostal Dominico Mundial

Hotel | "Dirty overpriced insect infested."

Hostal Dominico Mundial Photo, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
I was glad on staying at first killed a cockroach there. placed my rucksack high on a chair. Returning the ants had already started on their evening meal. I was afraid like in south america where the ants are dangerous and painful bites I would have problems there too.The second night I turned on the air. In the morning The manager persisted until he could charge a extra 5$ American. for the air which came with the room.A employee stole money from me, arrangements were made on paper with the manager to keep the police out. after receiving 2\3rds of my money I am forced to go to the police and collect the rest.Not a clean or good place to stay. Other hotels in area are ver...Read More

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Hostal Dominico Mundial
Calle Duarte No. 6, Ciudad Colonial
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic