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Trip to Kakinada India

A March 2011 trip to India by aroy

Balaji Grand Photo, Kakinada, India More Photos
Quote: We visited some friends we had made though facebook, it was an amazing trip. We was able to found the hotel on the internet, at the Balaji Grand.

Balaji Grand

Hotel | "Clean room for a great price! "

Balaji Grand Photo, Kakinada, India
The hotel was in town (Kakinada, India). We stayed there for 6 days, the management was friendly and helpful. The room had A/C, and it was nice and clean. We received a news paper ever morning and free breakfast, and they had good coffee. The price of room are 900-1200 India Rupees and the exchange rate was 42 to $1 US dollar. I couldn't believe the great price for the room, but it was true.

Member Rating 4 out of 5 on April 26, 2011

Balaji Grand
38-1-6 Cinema Road
Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh

I tried to rent a car before leaving the U.S., but wasn't able to. Our friend (Victor) in India told us that we had to rent a car with a driver. In Kakinada, there wasn't any rent a car places that we where able to find. So Victor help us to get a car and a driver, which was very helpful because there wasn't many street signs or road sign. A car and driver is needed if staying in Kakinada.