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The Northshore: Must-See of Mandeville

A March 2011 trip to Mandeville by Amber Autumn

Lecture on Stage Costumes for Austen Photo, Mandeville, Louisiana More Photos
Quote: Continuing to explore the "Northshore" of Lake Ponchartrain in Louisiana, Mandeville is a ritzy, charming town with its historic old town and cultural events.

The Lakefront


Lakefront Photo Op Photo, Mandeville, Louisiana

Hidden among the charming boutiques and restaurants is old town is the Mandeville Lakefront. If you're looking for something free to do, I would suggest taking a short drive out of old town to the shores of Lake Pontchartrain. From here, you can see the Causeway, one of the longest bridges across the Lake. Girod Street takes you straight through to the Lakefront, where you can have a picnic under historic oaks, or listen to the sounds of Lake Ponchartrain on the lake wall. It also has its own parking spots, plenty of local restaurants, and offers a great backdrop for a photo opportunity.

Regency Vintage Dance Demonstrations Photo, Mandeville, Louisiana
"Nobody minds having what is too good for them" - Jane Austen, Mansfield Park You'll find no plain Janes here! This two day festival dedicated to one of the greatest female writers, Jane Austen, takes place in two locations. There is also a festival hotline: (985) 951-6460. Tip: Those who are dressed in costumes of the era receive discounts at the participating shops and restaurants in Old Town. On Saturday March 19, 2011, the events will be at the Old Mandeville Trailhead in the older section of town at 675 Lafitte Street. From 9am to 6:30pm, you'll be entertained by seeing people host seminars of hairstyles of the era, see regency dance lessons, watch who is crowned the best Mr. Darc...Read More
Vianne's Tea House Photo, Mandeville, Louisiana
Participating restaurants and businesses have special discounts to audiences of the Jane Austen Literary Festival in March, especially if you happen to be in Regency period style clothing. Ladies, gather your plain gowns with lace accents and sheer shawl. Men, don't forget your top hat and cravat if you would like to get these discounts. For the special "tea" experience, you can head a block from the Trailhead to Vianne's Tea House. This tea spot at 544 Girod Street has a full meal in three courses which costs about $29.99 plus tax. Next, if you're looking for something budget-friendly and forgot to wear your costume, the Rusty Pelican is the right place for you. In addition, M...Read More

Rusty Pelican

Restaurant | "Not So "Rusty" Place With Inexpensive Menu"

Rusty Pelican Photo, Mandeville, Louisiana
The Rusty Pelican is one of the charming restaurants along Girod Street, one of the main arteries of Old Town Mandeville. Located on the corner of Monroe and Girod, and two blocks from the Mandeville Trailhead and Market, the restaurant is great for those on a budget who want great taste and not a huge bill. For one person, a meal and a drink is about $10. The cuisine is quite American with burgers, chicken tenders, salads, gumbo, and other dishes. There is also a kids menu. There's indoor and outdoor seating available. Indoors has huge screen tvs', large windows that allow the sunlight to stream through, and wooden tables that have a pelican paper towel holder. There's also an attached bar ...Read More

Member Rating 5 out of 5 on March 20, 2011

Rusty Pelican
500 Girod Street
Mandeville, Louisiana
(985) 778-0364

Mi Mamacita's

Restaurant | "Best Mexican Restaurant "

Mi Mamacita's is a traditional Mexican restaurant not too far from the Old Town Mandeville center. It's on Florida Street, which is the other side of Ronald Regan Highway, and also can be known as Highway 190. Highway 190 is a great scenic road that starts in Slidell and leads all the way to Mandeville. Housed within a small and charming house, this restaurant has great food, and decent prices for about $10-20 a meal per person. The house is small, but I think it adds to the charming atmosphere as each room has some unique design and architectural style. Open on Tuesdays through Sundays, this is a great place to dine with friends or to have a meal with the whole family. However, there is no ...Read More

Member Rating 4 out of 5 on March 18, 2011

Mi Mamacita's
2345 Florida Street
Mandeville, Louisiana 70448
(985) 674-1400