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Oldfields Noted Eating House Photo, Durham, England More Photos
Quote: Reviews and writings from various days out in the historic norhern city of Durham

Oldfields Noted Eating House

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Restaurant | "Notes on an Eating House"

Oldfields Noted Eating House Photo, Durham, England
Oldfield's restaurant is situated just off the main market square; the road it’s on does look a bit run down but you can see from the other businesses on this stretch of road that there has been attempt to gentrify the area. The restaurant interior is pretty dull: wooden floor, simple wooden tables and chairs, severe metal lampshades and those ubiquitous pigeon holes painted matt black covering the wall behind the bar. At lunchtimes and for the early evening session the restaurant offers two courses for £11 and three for £14 which sounds reasonable given that at full price mains start around £12.50 but average around £16. However, there is no price listed for any dishes on their own, whic...Read More

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Oldfields Noted Eating House
18 Claypath
Durham, England
0191 370 9595