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A September 2010 trip to Queenstown by MagdaDH_AlexH

On the way to Queenstown Photo, Queenstown, New Zealand More Photos
Quote: Queenstown, Glenorchy, Arrowtown, Clyde: the last days of our New World trek.
On the way to Queenstown Photo, Queenstown, New Zealand
Having given up on Milford Sound (reluctantly but in a fairly good humor, it's only now that I really regret not making more effort, it's strange how a mindset changes when traveling for a long time), we set off for this other South Island tourist Mecca, the skiing, partying and adventure capital of New Zealand, Queenstown. It's not far form Manapouri to Queenstown, a total of 170km which shouldn't take more than two, two and a half hours to drive, even allowing for toilet and cigarette stops. We take half a day: this is the beauty of this place, where a scenic spot follows a spectacular view with a regularity that borders on inane.The first part of the drive, though, is fairly...Read More

Aggy's Shack

Restaurant | "Awesome fish & chips"

Aggys Shack is indeed a shack rather than a restaurant (though there are some seats outside), but the fish and chips that he sells are fantastic.

Not cheap by Kiwi standards (fish & chips are still a cheap food here normally) at 12 NZD per portion, but simply wonderful.

Nice fish, lovely, crisp, not too greasy batter and excellent chips with a great sauce tartare.

Huge portions, too, with one portion enough for two not too hungry people. I scoffed a whole one though.

Member Rating 5 out of 5 on January 13, 2011

Aggy's Shack
Church Street and Marine Parade
Queenstown, South Island
(03) 4424076

The road to Paradise

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Photo of Queenstown, New Zealand
Our second day in Queenstown and the weather couldn't be different from the crystal beauty of yesterday. It's raining, and the sky is thick with uniform darkness of grey clouds. The opposite shore of the lake is hardly visible. But we only have two days here, so we do need to get out and see things. This is, after all, travellers' duty: to go out and see things. Into the car it is, then, with our host waiting at home for the news of snow situation on the ski slopes, we set off for Glenorchy. 45 km from Queenstown, Glenorchy sits at the tip of the Wakatipu lake, near the borders of Mount Aspiring National Park and Fiordland National Park. In the straight line, Glenor...Read More

Queenstown to Clyde via Arrowtown

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Arrowtown Photo, Queenstown, New Zealand
We leave Queenstown on a morning of my fortieth birthday, and head for Clyde, a small ex-mining village in Central Otago, about 60 miles away. Our plan is to take a day getting there (as it's going to be undoubtedly scenic, as everything is in this wonderland of hills, rocks and water) and to go via Arrowtown, a popular day-trip destination from Queenstown. Scenic it is indeed, and we take a while even to drive the twenty-odd kilometers to Arrowtown, passing through pretty valleys and nearby ski areas. Arrowtown is now something of a tourist trap, aka heritage town, known for its gold mining past. The town, which is the last of the major gold-rush towns in Otago, sits in a vall...Read More

The Jade and Opal Factory

Attraction | "Great choice of greenstone jewellery"

The Jade and Opal Factory Photo, South Island, New Zealand
Arrowtown Jade and Opal Factory has a great selection of New Zealand as well as source-uncertain greenstone (this unattributed stone apparently usually originates in the Canadian province of British Columbia).

They do some cutting, carving and polishing on-site (and we have a look at the workshop) and the pieces on sale vary from traditional Maori designs to more modern, sleeker gems st in gold and silver.

There are also, as the name states, opals, as well as paua shell, but it's the greenstone that's the highlight.

The prices of pieces vary a lot, but I would say that the more expensive ones are worth it.

Member Rating 4 out of 5 on January 13, 2011

The Jade and Opal Factory
30 Buckingham Street, Arrowtown
South Island, New Zealand 9302
(03) 442 1654

Best pies in Otago


Arrowtown Bakery Photo, Queenstown, New Zealand
Kiwis, just like Aussies, are very fond of, not to say obsessed, by meat pies. Arrowtown Bakery is famous (possibly world-famous) for its pies and justifiably so: they have a good selection of hot pies, all juicy, flavoursome and fresh.

There are tables outside (in a courtyard shared with other cafes and shops) as well as inside, and it's a great place for a budget (but hot) lunch.

We tried venison, chicken and beef and all were very good, in lovely flaky pastry.