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A Weekend in the Dordogne

A January 2011 trip to Dordogne by NiceGinna

Hotel LEsplanade Photo, Domme, Dordogne More Photos
Quote: We'd been to the Dordogne area 15 years ago and decided to go back for a long weekend to celebrate our anniversary.
The Dordogne Photo, Dordogne, France
If you like the Cotswolds in England, you will LOVE the Dordogne. The river, the Dordogne, winds (and I MEAN winds, doubling back on itself again and again - called "cingles" in French, oxbows in the US) through the valley and is borded by charming villages of warm golden stone that climb up the steep cliffs. There are castles and manor houses on top of many hilltops. There are markets where you will see live rabbits and various birds for sale - not as pets but for food; foie gras; sausages stuffed with walnuts, another local product; and many other tempting items. And so many wonderful restaurants where you can experience this country cooking. We spent a couple of days in Domme and then drove ...Read More

Hotel L'Esplanade

Hotel | "A romantic hotel in the romantic Dordogne"

Hotel L'Esplanade Photo, Domme, Dordogne
Fifteen years ago we visited the Dordogne and spent just a short morning in Domme. But we saw the Hotel L'Esplanade and said to each other, "Someday we should come back and spend a few days in this hotel." So this weekend we headed out there, about 750 kilometers from our home in Nice. Although it's not the usual time - that would be the high season of the summer - to visit, we stayed two nights. Our large, beautiful room held a 4-poster bed draped with dreamy flower-strewn drapes which also framed the French window which led to a balcony overlooking the Dordogne River far below. The bathroom has been modernized with marble flooring and tub surround, but still has rather 60's ceramic sink and toi...Read More

Member Rating 4 out of 5 on January 12, 2011

Hotel L'Esplanade
2, Rue Pontcarral - Le Bourg
Domme, France

Le Vieux Logis

Best Of IgoUgo

Hotel | "Wow, what a meal!"

Le Vieux Logis Photo, Tremolat, France
I had a lot of trouble finding a good restaurant to celebrate our 23rd anniversary in the Dordogne since we were very much out-of-season. I finally "googled" 'Michelin starred restaurants, Dordogne' and a couple popped up; I chose this one as it was closest to the hotel we were staying in. This restaurant is housed in a Relais & Chateaux chain hotel - a very upscale chain - so I knew the restaurant would be outstanding.We arrived a bit early but that was not a problem. We were welcomed and shown to the wood-paneled and book-lined lounge where we sat not too close to the very warm and cozy fireplace. We ordered a glass of champagne each and were served some delicious hors d'oeuvres...Read More

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Le Vieux Logis
Tremolat, Aquitaine

Le Boston

Restaurant | "An interesting menu at this casual place"

Le Boston Photo, Montauban, France
En route to the Dordogne, we stopped in this town, Montauban, and looked for a place to eat lunch. We found Le Boston ( when asked about the name I was told that an earlier owner had chosen the name) and sat down to order. There were only a few things on the menu for the day: entrecote/frites (steak and fries); steack cheval (horse steak), and steack hache (hamburger). We went with the steak and fries but they were out of that! But they offered another cut of beef (we hope) and had the meal. The real reason I included this as a review is the interesting menu - how often do you see horse offered?

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Le Boston
35, Boulevard Gustave Garisson
Montauban, France
05 63 03 41 43