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Wild Animal Photo Workshop

A July 2010 trip to Kalispell by Cindy Grant

Wildlife Photography Workshop Photo, Kalispell, Montana More Photos
Quote: Up close and personal with wild animals

Wildlife Photography Workshop

Attraction | "Up close and personal"

Wildlife Photography Workshop Photo, Kalispell, Montana
I recently had the opportunity to do a wild animal photography workshop in Kalispell, Montana. Besides photographing the animals, the scenery in Glacier National Park would have been worth staying for another week! I had the chance to photograph all of these animals: tiger, bear, lynx, bobcat, mountain lion, racoon, wolf, porcupine, and fox, along with deer and bighorn sheep up in the Park.Our mornings were spent with at least two animals, getting all kinds of images of them interacting with their trainer, each other, and enjoying a morning out where they could run around and enjoy themselves.The workshop was held by Paul Burwell, a photographer located in Edmonton, Canada. ...Read More

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Wildlife Photography Workshop

Kalispell, Montana
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