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Munich Residenz Photo, Munich, Germany More Photos
Quote: Germany - a country with a rich history, beautiful nature, wonderful monuments. In Germany, there is everything to stay in this country do you remember for a long time: Hotels for every taste, great excursions.
Monschau Photo, Monschau, Cologne
From Cologne we went to Monschau, a small German town near the Belgian border. Monschau is located among the low mountains of the Eifel, which are a continuation of the Belgian Ardennes, in the Ruhr Valley. This wonderfully picturesque town attracts mainly the numerous half-timbered houses, standing at random along the mountain stream.Surprisingly, the apparent simple name of the town of Monschau, is not so easy ... Once upon a time long ago the town and fortress were called to the Old French manners Montjoie, though possessed of more and more Germans. In 1795 the French when they captured the region, had no trouble to keep the old name, they simply pronounced it with a modern twist as Montjoie....Read More
Opernturm Photo, Frankfurt, Germany
By all accounts, skyscrapers are not taken root in Europe. Number of business towers in the whole continent could be counted on the fingers. As a rare exception, the city of Frankfurt, in contrast, is full of skyscrapers. I invite you to walk in the banking quarter of Frankfurt, and together look at the tallest buildings in Germany.Headquarters of the European Central Bank and a large number of other commercial banks are located in Frankfurt am Main. There is also a German Stock Exchange DAX. Today, this city - the heart of banking and financial sector of German economy.Frankfurt's population is 600,000 people, 320,000 more people commute here to work. Frankfurt train station - the busiest...Read More
Düsseldorf Photo, Düsseldorf, Germany
A quiet village on the banks of the Rhine and the modern center with stunning architecture. On the streets are always crowded, but at the same time quietly. But nobody would call it a city of contrasts. Here, everything is harmonious.The first place will inevitably gets any tourist in Dusseldorf, it Königsallee (King's Alley), or Kö. First of all, it is known that there are mono-brand boutiques are the most famous brands.In the early Königsallee is a beautiful building Galeria Kaufhof (Königsallee, 1). It was built over 100 years ago, and this is perhaps the most interesting thing in it. Inside - a traditional department store with the democratic brands, cosmetics, and products, which many...Read More

Munich Residenz

Attraction | "The heart of Bavaria"

Munich Residenz Photo, Munich, Germany
Residenz - the heart of Bavaria, the palace of the Dukes, Electors, and later - and the King of Bavaria. As with any complex, rebuilt in a different era, the residence boasts an unusually organic blend of different styles: from the late Renaissance, Baroque and Rococo to neo-classicism.Residenz with the treasury - entertainment for a long time. I just been killed with fatigue, I do not know why I was so laid. Of course, I recommend starting with the Residence and not listen to every point of the guide, although it is very interesting, but 4 hours - this is, after all, far too long. Despite the fact that much of the palace - the restoration of the destroyed during the Second World, the breadth of...Read More

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Munich Residenz
Max-joseph-platz 3
Munich, Germany 80539
49 (89) 290-671

Alte Pinakothek

Attraction | "Great Collection"

Alte Pinakothek Photo, Munich, Germany
In general, the basis of the collection of the Alte Pinakothek - is, of course, the Germans, plus the Flemish and Dutch. There are other Italian painting but go here not for the Italians. The first leaf collection is "The Battle with Alexander of Macedon king Darius" Albrecht Aldorfera, got to the William Fourth, Duke of Bavaria, in 1529. Cloth and now takes pride of place in the Pinakothek, but I was not touched: the typical "not mine". Despite the recognition, for Altdorfer it was also, apparently, is not it ": and format, and the plot is not typical of this artist. The collection of the Alte Pinakothek lot of early German and Flemish paintings. So loved me and triptychs polyptych presen...Read More

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Alte Pinakothek
Barer Straße 27
Munich, Germany 80333
+49 89 23805159


Attraction | "Main attractions of the area"

Königssee Photo, Berchtesgaden, Germany
On this day, the forecast promised better weather. We have outlined a visitthe main attractions of the area: Lake Königssee.The morning was overcast, but thankfully, not rain. It was cold and we dressed warmly. Then we really regretted it, it was a lot of extra clothing.On the way to the bus, we watched as the rose water in the river due to rain. When we arrived, had seen the stones near the shore. Now they are not to be seen.To the lake can be reached by buses № № 839, 841, 843. We arrived at the lake.Bought tickets Königssee - Salet return ticket for the 15.8 ev. per person. Sailed on the boat with electric traction.Arrived at the first stop St. Bartholomä a...Read More

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Seestrasse 55, D-83471 Schönau a.
Berchtesgaden, Germany