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Casino Trip to Charenton

A September 2010 trip to Louisiana by Amber Autumn

Cypress Bayou Casino Photo, Franklin, Louisiana More Photos
Quote: I've always heard great things about the Cypress Bayou Casino in Charenton, so a group and I headed south through seven parishes, and more than a dozen little towns in search of this place.

Cafe Bayou at Cypress Bayou Casino

Restaurant | "Cafe Bayou "

Cafe Bayou at Cypress Bayou Casino Photo, Franklin, Louisiana
Cafe Bayou was one of the most prettiest restaurants I've ever seen with shrubs and trees, and the total ambiance of being surrounded like you're in a bayou. Unfortunately, this is the only best thing about the restaurant. The whole restaurant was covered in decorations that closes off the restaurant from the casino, so it's hard to believe that outisde is a bunch of slot machines. It's the only Louisiana casino restaurant I know that serves frog legs as an appetizer. With a limited menu, the food wasn't as appealing to some, and it didn't help that the prices are very costly. The only thing in variety was the desserts, which was ice cream, cheese cake, bread pudding, carrot cake, a milkshake...Read More

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Cafe Bayou at Cypress Bayou Casino
832 Martin Luther King Road
Charenton, LA 70523
(337) 923-7284

Cypress Bayou Casino

Attraction | "Cypress Bayou / Shorty's "

Cypress Bayou Casino Photo, Franklin, Louisiana
The Cypress Bayou Casino/ Shorty's is a Chitmacha Tribal Enterprise in Charenton, Louisiana. They're an ancient group of people that have unique traditions and lived along the southern bayous of Louisiana. It's true that this place is in the middle of nowhere; there's plenty of trees and miles of grass surrounding this place. From what the casinogoers told me, this is an amazing place with great food and numerous restaurants, and you'll never want to leave. When I first walked in through the doors and around the maze-like halls, it was the most prettiest casino I've ever seen. There was lush shrubs with a frosted glass that had a bayou scene. This was the Cafe Bayou, one of the upsca...Read More

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Cypress Bayou Casino
832 West Martin Luther King Junior Road
Franklin, Louisiana
(337) 923-7284

Three Parishes in Two Hours

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Bridge Over Luling  Photo, Louisiana, United States
Most of the casino-goers had all attended the last casino trip (about six months ago) to Cypress Bayou Casino/ Shorty's, and were busy sharing their experiences and memories as we left Chalmette on our rented Star Coach motorcoach. I had been unable to go because of my age, so when they talked about another trip back, I had to see what they were talking about. The group talked about the abundance of food, and even debated about what they were going to eat first when they got there. Only thing was it was "in the middle of nowhere". It was further in the deeper southern regions than I've ever traveled to before. And, on some kind of Chitmacha Indian reservation, so I was equally interested. ...Read More