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A travel journal to Botswana by jiggs1219

Isla Verde beach Photo, San Juan, Puerto Rico More Photos
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Gateway of India

Attraction | "My Visit to the Gateway of India"

Isla Verde beach Photo, San Juan, Puerto Rico
This old structure is one of Mumbai's most popular and visited tourist attraction. Its located right next to the magnificent Taj hotel and its one of those attractions which you just cannot miss while walking. Its simple and beautiful, you have the ocean on the one side and lively streets of Mumbai on the other. Bring your camera since you can take tons of photos and make sure you go either in the evening or the morning since the sun in the afternoon can be quite bothersome. I would suggest visiting the Gateway of India if you are in the neighborhood and there is plenty to do around there. There are a lot of shops and restaurants so you will have a good time.

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Gateway of India
Waterfront At Wellington Pier
South Mumbai, India

Breezes Bahamas by SuperClubs All Inclusive

Best Of IgoUgo

Hotel | "My 4 Night 5 Day Stay at the Breezes Hotel"

After reading a lot of reviews online, I was a little skeptic on what to expect at this hotel. So after a lot of researching and comparing rates, this hotel was a great deal and offered a lot of what I was looking for. First of all, this hotel is right on the beach, is all inclusive with food and drinks, has a lot of activities, and is very affordable. I have to admit, I was not disappointed and every thing lived up to my expectations.This hotel when I stayed was going through major renovations and had one of the two wings closed off. So on the first day, we ended up with a room which wasn't quite what we reserved and were told by the hotel staff that no other rooms were available give...Read More

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Breezes Bahamas by SuperClubs All Inclusive
Cable Beach
Nassau, Bahamas

The town of Lake George is where you have all the restaurants, shops, and hotels. This area is where all the tourists come so it gets crowded here on weekends, especially in the summer so be prepared for traffic and long lines when dinning or cruising. There is a lot to do here and the tourist office is a good stop if you want to check out all the attractions that are offered here. There is para sailing, white water rafting, camping, hiking trails and so forth so enough things to do for every one.I would suggest parking your car in the lot and then walking around this area because street parking here is hit or a miss and you have to keep putting in quarters which gets annoying after a w...Read More
The islands of the Bahamas are one of the closest and the easiest to get to in the Caribbean. It was a very quick, 3 hour direct flight from NY so there is no jet lag or any sort of travel discomfort. The local buses here can be a good form of transportation and I believe they run till 8pm. If you plan on being out at night then its better to either arrange for a transportation beforehand or just find a cab. Every one speaks english so communication is not a problem and the US dollar is accepted every where. The people of the Bahamas are very friendly and laid back, they will always joke around and know how to have a good time. In general, Bahamas are very safe and the tourist attrac...Read More