Guildford Journals

Summer in Surrey

An August 2010 trip to Guildford by cflecker

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Quote: Another 4-day adventure in the Home County.

West Cornwall Pasty Company

Restaurant | "Pirate-Themed Deliciousness"

West Cornwall Pasty Company Photo, London, England
The first time I sampled anything from the West Cornwall Pasty Company was on the platform at Guildford Station. Even with the essence of train exhaust, my £1 bacon roll was salty, greasy, and sublime. Therefore, I made it a priority to hunt down a West Cornwall kiosk on my way across London to Waterloo Station before boarding a train out to Surrey. I caught sight of the black-and-yellow sign, adorned with a scurvy swashbuckler of epic proportions, and already my mouth began to water. I handed over my coins and was gifted with a big crusty roll filled with luscious strips of thick bacon. It was utter heaven and at that moment topped the list of why I want to move to the UK....Read More

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West Cornwall Pasty Company
1 The Piazza
London, England
020 7836 8336

JFK International Airport

Hotel | "JFK: Crossroads of Humanity"

JFK International Airport Photo, New York, New York
There is a jaguar to my left. It seems uninterested as I breeze by, juggling my single red carry-on bag from one hand to another. A few minutes later I pass it again, but still it sits, in a vaguely housecat-esque manner, on the tile floor. It is a jaguar made entirely of sterling silver, and it's one constant in this place. It makes me smile, despite it's horrible tackiness.A Friday evening in August and Terminal 8 at JFK is surprisingly uncrowded. I am doing laps, trying to work off nervous energy as well as beat my restless leg syndrome into submission before sitting down for a 7-hour flight. I have already studied the 3-D art of Manhattan and London, and watched some dreadlocked ...Read More

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JFK International Airport

New York, NY

Mandolay Hotel

Hotel | "Cushy, Cheerful, and Considerate"

Mandolay Hotel Photo, Guildford, England
Some background: Getting into London on this trip was some sort of epic struggle, involving temperamental mobile phones and running around Heathrow for what seemed like hours, in search of bags and trains and sanity. When I finally reached the stretch of road in Lambeth, South London, where my rented student accomodation (it will remain nameless, for reasons that will become apparent) was to be, I had to ask no less than four people for directions. Finally, sweaty and annoyed, I found it... only to discover that they couldn't find me. There was no record of my reservation, or my deposit. And, naturally, they were fully booked. Freaking out, I got in touch with my friend in Surrey. He...Read More

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Mandolay Hotel
36 London Road
Guildford, England 1 2